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Meet your Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in Chicago!

Dr. Jeff Louis has delivered hundreds of thousands of chiropractic adjustments since graduating from National Health Sciences University in Lombard, Illinois (2011) after completing his undergrad from Indiana University (2007).

Dr. Louis has provided excellent care for thousands of patients from newborn babies, expecting mothers, senior citizens and everything in between. He has treated professional athletes, teachers, personal trainers, construction, mail carriers, yoga instructors and everyday people just like you!  

Through his experience he has mastered the art of the Chiropractic adjustment and perfected his technique in guiding people to health through spinal wellness.

Patient Testimonials

CarLouis Chiropractic Chicago promotes health and wellness across our communities by administering effective Chiropractic treatments in Chicago for all walks of life, professions and ages. At CarLouis Chiropractic Chicago we pride ourselves on integrity, listening to our patient base, giving sound professional recommendations, creating trusting meaningful healthy relationships. We are extremely passionate about our profession and are excited to make your health our priority.